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OUR MISSION IS To provide travellers with the best service for planning a Caribbean holiday. To stay true to accommodation owners giving them the flexibility and ownership they need. With great research, come great holidayS

Committment and integrity

We are committed to maintaining high standards of relationships with our property owners every property matters.

It's important to us that property owners feel important and that their listing is of value to the website, and that they are always in control of their listing and relationship with their customers.

With advertisers and local businesses, we take the same approach - every business matters.

The integrity of our website experience must always remain high, so advertising on the website will always be strategic and relevant, and only in places that continue to benefit the user experience & research.

substantial years of experience

With a background in property ownership ourselves, as well as being experienced travellers, we know the expectations, requirements and desires of both sides of a holiday - as a guest and a host.

So our priority is always going to be the welfare of the property owners and travellers and their experience with CompareCaribbean.com.

Both type of users will have access to different features to improve their experience - all of which are for their benefit - and we make sure that everyone is fully aware of how things work so there are no surprises, hidden costs, hidden disclaimers, disappointments etc.

At the end of the day we provide an experience that makes holiday planning exciting and fun! So we will always honour that promise.

always adding value

The repeat visits to our website will largely be due to the highly user-friendly experience for both property owners and travellers alike.

As the website develops and evolves, the ongoing innovation of the website will always have this experience for the users of the site at the heart of everything we do. 

Changes will always be ground in user insight and will always add value to the property owner's and/or traveller's experience, as their experience with CompareCaribbean.com - will always be our No.1 priority.


Hailed as one of the most exciting concepts for the Caribbean islands in past twenty years, CompareCaribbean.com was first conceived by Hilary Modeste, ex-Director of Marketing at St Lucia, and later Antigua. He identified that there is a gap in the Caribbean tourism industry where there is no online experience that offers everything about the Caribbean in one place for the tourist. This gap allowed us to fulfil the need for such a website that offers a personalised comparison experience across all accommodation options around the Caribbean, AND extensive information about Caribbean island destinations for the traveller all in one place!

Research clearly demonstrates that in the absence of any other differentiators, most islands are perceived as providing just the same sun, sea and sand. Therefore travellers
tend to buy on price based on offers from the local travel agent. In fact, the islands are very different. Culturally from history, to topography and the nightlife & activities available on each island.

The objective of this exciting & unique website is to hone those differences and present options to travellers so that they can make considered choices that where the accommodation options are tailored to them rather than those based solely on price.


CompareCaribbean.com created a website that allows tourists to enter their personal preferences, which returns a number of tailored accommodation options across all islands, that are perfect for the traveller's individual needs & preferences.

In addition, the website provides great information about each island including best beaches, fun & sports activities, places of interest, history etc to give travellers the ability to make more informed decisions about holiday destinations. It's a really exciting, new & unique way of finding a Caribbean holiday!

CompareCaribbean.com will offer a detailed description of everything on each island and then individual property facilities across all accommodation types that match to the traveller's personalised needs within their chosen island.