This Dutch Caribbean island is loved for the lush marine life populating the healthy coral reefs that board its coves-dotted coastline, such as the majestic vertical coral wall of Blue Bay beach.

Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad, is famous for its candy-coloured colonial architecture, its stunning Queen Emma Bridge, as well as the 17th century Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue.

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Curaçao remains one of the most exceptional islands of the region; with over 35 stunning beaches, a diverse multicultural heritage, a true 'live and let live' attitude and unrivalled European architecture. The city Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage site- offering a roster of museums, monuments, flavourful restaurants and shopping; in 2013 Condé Nast Traveler readers’ selected Curaçao’s capital city as one of the Top 5 Cities in the Caribbean.  Curaçao's natural beauty, pristine diving and snorkelling make a Curaçao holiday ideal for divers and adventure seekers, while its beaches and idyllic weather have won it further accolades and lovers from across the globe.


A Curaçao holiday is perfect if you need some rest, relaxation and recovery from their fast paced everyday life; it couldn’t quite be more fitting that the name Curaçao is derived from a variety of languages meaning either “cured” or “healing.” This Caribbean island is small and secluded and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to leave your worries behind you and enjoy an amazing Caribbean holiday in Curaçao.

Situated in the Leeward Antilles, just off the coast of Venezuela, Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Royal Dutch Kingdom that, together with the islands of Aruba and Bonaire, constitute the famous ABC islands. Just 12o north of the Equator, the island benefits from a warm and sunny climate all year round, with an average of 27oC throughout the year, cooled by constant trade winds that slightly intensify during Spring. As per the rainy season, it runs from October to February and is marked by occasional and brief showers that mostly happen during the night, with sunny weather during the day.


While gaining in popularity, Curaçao remains a quiet, relaxing getaway. The beginning of 2011 brought popularity to the islands doorstep, after it was named one of the top destinations in the world by AOL Travel.  If the press acclaim is any indication of things to come for Curacao, then we’ll see tourism continue to steadily grow on the island, providing visitors with more amenities and attractions as the years go by.

Of the 38 beaches along the coastline of Curacao, some offer a gentle surf with soft sand, and others have waved which pound against the dramatic rocky cliffs. Many of Curacao's beaches are small and secluded, and you might find yourself looking around and wondering if you’ve somehow discovered your own personal slice of paradise! You can enjoy the usual array of water sports on Curacao, including snorkelling and diving and learn more about ocean life in the island’s marine parks.


There is also plenty to see and lots to do above the water on the stunning island of Curacao. A visit to Hato Caves showcases an underground lake surrounded by awe-inspiring stalagmites and stalactites, as well as caves with ancient petroglyphs on the walls. Back out into the sunlight and the Christoffel National Park is also home to ancient wall art, as well as 20 miles of trails to explore that bring you through thousands of species of wild plants and animals, and up to the summit of Saint Christoffelberg. Nearby is National Park Shete Boka, the island's resident turtle sanctuary. A unique attraction on Curacao is the Curacao Ostrich Farm, where guests can embark on a safari like tour to view one of the largest ostrich breeding ground outside of Africa.


Curacao has a very low import duty, meaning you can pick up some amazing bargains! Try the unique experience of browsing the Floating Market in Handelskade, where sellers offer their wares (fresh produce, clothing, and crafts) directly off their boats. In the capital city of Willemstad, you’ll find Punda- a five-block shopping district where you can find fine garments, perfumes, jewellery, china, and linens for bargain prices. Willemstad is a great place to explore to learn about the history and heritage of Curacao, and is one of only six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean. There are over 750 preserved historic buildings in the city, including the Penha building and the Governor's Palace. If you’re keen to see as many sights as possible, try a walking or trolley tour.


Curacao becomes really exciting from the beginning of January to the end of February when Carnival is in town! Carnival is the island's largest and most vibrant event and includes events such as parades, concerts, children's activities, art fairs, and more. If you’re visiting outside of this time and are looking for a thrill, you can visit one of 14 casinos on the island, which can be found in the four cities, mainly at resort hotels.