Located on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti, Dominican Republic is known not only for its pristine beaches, dramatic golf courses, and luxurious resorts, but also for its divers landscapes of savannah, rainforest, and mountains – including the Caribbean’s tallest peak, Pico Duarte.

The country boasts a 5 centuries-old colonial heritage that you can find in its stunning architecture and traditions, such as the vibrant merengue music and dance.

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Dominican Republic boasts majestic mountains, energetic, vibrant cities and miles of glorious beaches. The Dominican Republic is located on the second-largest Caribbean island, nestled between Puerto Rico and Cuba and is jam-packed with fantastic holiday options. If you’re after pure relaxation, then lounge with a juicy novel on a 1,000 miles of powdery white sand beaches or pick your favourite massage in a sumptuous spa; while the more active can enjoy windsurfing or hiking Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s highest mountain at 10,000 feet. For a dose of culture, take a step back in time in the centuries-old capital, Santo Domingo, the New World's oldest city and home to no less than 3 million people. Regardless of your activity of your choice, you’ll hear the infectious sounds of merengue, the national music and dance.


The tropical wildlife in the Dominican Republic astounds nature lovers. With 19 national parks, 6 scientific reserves, 32 natural monuments, 15 natural reserves, 2 marine sanctuaries and nine protected parcels of islands, 5,600 plant species (including 300 endemic orchids), 303 bird species (27 endemic), and a rich underwater world.

Its tropical climate means that Dominican Republic benefits from pleasant temperatures all year round, averaging from 19oC to 34oC, with the hottest season stretching from May to October, and the coldest season from November to April. The high mountainous regions of Jarabacoa and Constanza benefit from much cooler temperatures, going from below zero to 10oC.


Dominican Republic has literally thousands of beaches… ideal if soaking up the sun is your pastime of choice. Its appeal extends far beyond its shores; its complex landscape boasts both the Caribbean's tallest mountains and its lowest inland point - a million year old lake the size of Manhattan. You'll find a mountainous and hilly interior with healthy rain forests encircled by miles of white sand beaches. Boredom is just about the only thing that you won't experience here. Water sports on the Dominican Republic are numerous, but its land sports are one of a kind; exploring one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Caribbean basin including the jungles, forests and mountain areas of the Dominican Republic would be any hiker's idea of paradise, plus you can also go horse riding, canyoning, deep sea fishing… you can even have a day at the races!


As one of the largest islands, travellers need more than a day or two to experience all that the Dominican Republic has to offer. While you’ll find English, French, German, Russian and Italian being spoken in hotels, bars and other touristic destinations, beyond this you will hear Spanish- the official language. In terms of accommodation, you can choose from various options including deluxe resorts to charming B&Bs. Don't expect the impeccable service you might find at home; the Dominican Republic serves everything from food to entertainment with the friendly laissez faire style that is its trademark.


Unfairly reputed as an unsafe destination, the Dominican Republic can hold her head high as an exciting, cost effective destination for a variety of world travellers from across the globe.