We use cookies to help us improve, promote, and protect our services. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our privacy policy laid out on this page. Safeguarding our Users’ privacy is of paramount importance to This Privacy Policy acts as a guide to how Users’ personal data is used and protected by

In this Privacy Policy, the terms “Users” and/or “You” refer to (a) Travellers using the Site to search for and book holiday rental properties, (b) Members listing their holiday rental property or properties on the Site, (c) any other User using the Site and/or any tool, software, services available on the Site, and (d) any other visitors to our Site, such as individuals applying for a position at through our Site, or investors. treats and uses all information about their Users with regard to this Privacy Policy. However, Users acknowledge that any third party link displayed on the Site is regulated by such third party’s own privacy policy and that is not liable for such third party’s websites’ content or privacy practices.

Some links displayed on the Site may also link to one of our third party provider’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Such third party providers may supply tools and/or services on the Site: it is important that Users familiarise themselves with such third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policies before agreeing to these Terms, or using those websites, tools and/or services. Unless expressly stated otherwise by us, the words and phrases used in this Privacy Policy hold the same meaning as the words and phrases in the Terms and Conditions (found on the Site at the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page). Any User providing information to us while using any tool or service on the Site, using the Site, searching for a property, listing a property or booking a property expressly agrees to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy was last updated at the date first indicated above and takes effect from that date. This Privacy Policy may be occasionally amended and updated to reflect Site updates, technology developments, regulatory requisites and/or changes in our data collection and disclosure practices. Amendments and/or updates to this Privacy Policy take effect from the moment they are published on the Site: we strongly advise Users to regularly check this page for updates to familiarise themselves with any new policy arising and to print and retain a copy of this Privacy Policy for their own records.


We have outlined this policy so you can understand how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.

  • Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.
  • We will collect and use of personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.
  • We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
  • We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.
  • Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
  • We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.
  • Individuals will be able to unsubscribe from any communications at any point via the unsubscribe link provided in all email newsletter communications.


We like cookies! And we use cookies to help us understand how you use this website :) We use cookies to help us improve, promote, & protect our services. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our privacy policy.

Personal data: who processes it and where

A User’s personal data, also referred as personal information, is data that identifies or may lead to potential identification of such User.

Any User’s personal data may be gathered, handled, kept and used by us, shared and further handled by companies within the Group or a third party data handling company acting on our behalf and under our instructions. As is a global business, personal data shared by Users may be gathered and handled in the United Kingdom or any other country in which the members of the Group or agents in connection with the hold facilities.

Any User using the Site acknowledges and agrees that any personal data contributed in the country in which they used the Site may be transferred outside such country. The countries to which such personal data may be transferred may not have the same data protection laws as the ones applicable in the country in which they originally contributed their data. However, whenever transferring a User’s personal data to such other countries, shall take reasonable steps to try to ensure that such personal data is safeguarded in agreement with this Privacy Policy and any applicable data protection laws. does not knowingly gather or process any information of individuals under the age of eighteen.

The sites of the Group may use Google Analytics to collect site usage data and statistics, including but not limited to the use of cookies. For more information, Users may refer to our Cookies Notice (below) and to Google’s privacy policy.

Google may gather personal information from its various tools and sites, such as (and without limitation) Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Translate and YouTube. Users hereby acknowledge and agree that has no control or liability over Google’s personal data collection. For more information, it is advised that Users familiarise themselves with Google’s data collection practices that can be found in Google’s own privacy policy. Additionally, any User wishing to opt out of Google Analytics is free to do so by going to

Information gathered by

Users may share their personal data with us on various occasions—for example, when registering on our Site, when listing a property, or to enable us to send an enquiry regarding a property to its manager or owner on a User’s behalf. Users may be required to share the following information with us: their full name, address, email address, telephone number, current location, and preferred payment method. may also collect data from cookies and web beacons: Users can find out more about this in the relevant section of this policy (below). may also gather additional personal data including (but not limited to) a Users’ location, IP address(es), mobile device identifiers, the time a User accessed the website, the property(ies) they viewed, the duration of their visit, what they searched for, their navigation and click-stream information and any other information relating to a User’s activity on our Site.

Any User prompting to connect with other sites acknowledges and agrees that, by doing so, may access further personal data relating to the User (for example, if a User asks to connect with their Facebook account).

For security and trust purposes, uses electronic and/or manual checks to monitor any electronic communication facilitated by the Site. Further information regarding our personal data collection procedures can be found in the Surveys and Newsletter section of this policy (below).

Any data we gather from a User is acquired either by the User entering their personal details, by the automatic collection of data relating to a User’s activity on our Site, through direct communication between the User and, or through third parties. Such third parties may include (but are not limited to) the collection of financial information used to detect and prevent any fraud, information from a Social Media Site, information relating to travel opinion sites (when a User asked us to share their data with such sites), and/or information in connection with a User’s mobile phone provider when such User accesses the Site using a mobile device.

How your personal data is used by gathers personal data about its Users to provide them not only with the services they request, but also with the services we believe would improve their use of our Site.

By using our Site, Users agree that may use their personal data for purposes such as: (a) to provide them with the service they request, or to support any element of their request, (b) for to inform a User about updates relating to Users or services, (c) for to send messages in connection with the delivery of services on the Site, (d) to help other Users with whom a User has concluded or agreed to conclude business, such as providing a Member with the contact details of a Traveller such Member has done business with, or providing a Traveller with the contact details of a Member such Traveller has booked with, (e) to share and advertise any service in connection with the Site with the Group and/or any of its affiliates, (f) to evaluate, analyse, report on and optimise our services, advertising and content with the aim of improving our Users’ experience, (g) to prevent, investigate and/or prosecute any activity we suspect to be unlawful, harmful and/or illegal, and (h) to implement and enforce our Terms, Privacy Policy and/or any other purpose referenced therein or herein. gathers, and may share with third parties, data in connection with the Site’s sales, traffic and other commercial information with the purpose of optimising its Users’ overall experience of the Site and the services it offers. also collects, and may share with third parties, demographic data with the purpose to improve their understanding of their Users and therefore tailor the Site and its services to such Users accordingly. To prevent fraudulent behaviour and encourage potential Travellers to pursue a booking enquiry, may display a Member’s telephone number on such Member’s listing(s). may contact a User with regards to such User’s use of the Site or its services and/or to such User’s account.

How a User’s personal data may be disclosed by may disclose a User’s personal data for the following reasons: (a) to enforce their policies, (b) to protect a User, a User’s property and/or a User’s and/or’s other rights or interests, (c) if authorised to do so by applicable law, in connection with proposed or actual litigation and/or in response to any request by a law enforcement or competent governmental authority.

A User’s personal data may also be shared with: (a) another User the first User has done business with, (b) any of’s partners if a User requested their services or requested to receive information from them, (c) Group companies and/or affiliates, (d) third parties providing services on’s behalf, (e) other companies or business entities—for example, companies and business entities that are considering merging with or selling to, (f) other companies working with to promote and feature all or parts of a Member’s property rental listing(s) or other promotional services in connection with, including displaying a Member’s listings and photographs on other websites for promotional purposes, (g) any third party site with which a User has asked to share their personal data—for example, Facebook when a User has asked to connect with such User’s Facebook account, and (h) any competent governmental and/or law enforcement authority pursuant to a legal request.

Any User having accessed our Site through a hyperlink displayed on one of our trading partners’ websites acknowledges and agrees that such User’s personal data, purchase data and behavioural patterns may be shared with such trading partner under our contractual agreement with such trading partners.

Users also acknowledge that if or any part of the Group is sold and/or that some of the Group’s assets are transferred to a third party, such User’s personal data (potentially considered a valuable asset) may also be transferred to such third party and that potential buyers and such buyers’ advisors may have access to such data during the sale process.

Should enter liquidation, bankruptcy or administration, Users’ personal data may also be transferred to a successor in interest.’s customer database (in whole or in part) may be sold separately from the rest of the business and the purchaser of such database or its part(s) may conduct a type of business that is different from’s. However, any User’s personal data will be used in respect with this Privacy Policy.


Any User signing up as a Member on the Site shall receive the’s Owner newsletter, which is an integral component of our services. Any User registering as a Traveller on the Site will be given the option to receive’s Traveller newsletter. Various newsletters may be offered by and the Group to optimise the services offered. Users are free to unsubscribe from such newsletters at any time. However, Users should note that it may take a short while for an unsubscribe request to become effective.


On occasion, may conduct surveys to gather information about their Users and request such Users to share their opinion and feedback on potential features and services, with the purpose of improving our services. Users are free to accept or decline to partake in such surveys.

Mobile Applications

A User downloading and using apps related to our website(s) acknowledges and agrees that such actions may result in receiving information about such User’s location and mobile device, including their mobile device’s unique identifier. may use such information to provide such Users with tailored location-based information and services, such as search results, advertising and other targeted content. Users wishing to keep their location information private may be able to do so by disabling their device’s location services. For further information about disabling such services, Users should contact their mobile service provider or mobile device manufacturer.

Telephone Calls

As well as gathering a User’s personal data online and/or through correspondence, may also speak with its Users face-to-face or by telephone. Telephone conversations are often recorded and such conversations and/or recordings may be transferred to locations overseas or handled worldwide. Such recordings are handled and safeguarded with the same level of care as any other data and are also governed by this Privacy Policy.

Inquiries and Electronic Communications

To contact a Member regarding their rental property, Travellers may send enquiries to Members via a clickable link displayed on such Member’s listing. Members and Travellers shall also communicate using the communications tools offered on the Site.

Any Traveller or User choosing to send enquiries via such links and tools acknowledges and agrees that their personal information will, unless otherwise specified by the Site, be visible to any and all Users to whom a Traveller or User sends their enquiries and that may also have access to such information and communication, regardless of the fact that the Traveller or User contacted those other Users directly.

Such communications between Users are monitored by for trust and security purposes and may be hosted on, handled by or shared through our servers. The customer care team may share such communication with Members and may also use third party email servers to send and track receipt of such communications, analyse their pattern for trust and security purposes and/or to collect information (such as data relating to inquiries and bookings) on an anonymous basis, with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of our customers and business. Users engaging in such communications and choosing to call the other party may be requested to share their return telephone contact details. Users are advised to not share any details that they do not wish other Users or to possess, including (without limitation) information relating to bank account and credit card information.

Protection of collected data dedicates important levels of care and attention to safeguard the personal data collected from its Users. Reasonable technical and organisational measures are taken to protect our Users’ personal data against any kind of unlawful, harmful and/or unauthorised processing or otherwise accidental destruction, damage or loss of such data. Although no system can guarantee without fail to securely safeguard such data, the measures specifically implemented by are designed to reduce their exposure to potential security issues to a level tailored to the type of data implicated.

Security measures have been implemented to safeguard the User database and access to such database is also restricted internally.

However, it remains the User’s responsibility to: (a) protect their account on the Site against any unauthorised access, (b) make sure no-one else uses the Site while the User’s device is logged on to the Site, including by logging on through a mobile, Wi-Fi or shared access connection, (c) make sure they have logged out of their account with the Site when not using it, (d) keep their password and other access information secret and ensure that any log in details remain secret and unshared, (e) maintain and ensure good internet security—for example, if a User’s Facebook or email account is corrupted, such corruption could potentially allow access to the User’s account with as their email account could be used to ask to reset their password and therefore gain access to the User’s account. Any User suspecting that any of their accounts has been compromised should immediately change their account credentials, make sure that no compromised account allows access to their account, and contact who will then assist such User with keeping their account with us secure and, if necessary, alert any other User(s) who may be affected.

If a User asks us to share their personal data with a third party site (such as Facebook), that User should note that such third party site’s servers may not be secure. Our credit card processing partners generally store Users’ credit card information and are requested by to keep such information secure. also uses third parties to improve its content, advertising and website flow. However, despite the various measures implemented by, the internet is not always secure and Users’ private transmissions and/or data may be intercepted or accessed by others.

Cookies, Web Beacons and Clear GIFs

A “cookie” is a small file placed on a User’s hard drive by some of’s web pages to help us analyse our web page flow, customise our services, advertising and content, measure a promotional campaign’s success and promote trust and safety. A User is free to block some or all cookies from the Site: however, doing so may prevent some of the Site’s pages and features from working. wishes to be open about the way it uses cookies.

Even when a User is simply browsing the Site, such User’s information is automatically gathered by cookies, including information relating to their computer connection, their browser type and version, time of accessing the Site, operating system and platform details. Such data is gathered every time the User accesses the Site and shall be used according to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Users have the choice to reduce the information collected from their device by cookies by changing their browser’s settings. However, doing so may result in: (a) the User’s use of the Site being negatively affected and/or entirely prevented, (b) the User’s experience of the Site or any other site using cookies may be negatively affected and/or entirely prevented, and/or (c) the User may not be presented with tailored advertising reflecting the way they use the Site or other third party sites. Additional information is available at

By using the Site, a User consents that (unless that User’s browser preferences have been adjusted to block cookies) the system may employ cookies as soon as the User visits the Site. collects and shares information relating to their Users’ use of the Site with third party tracking companies that provide with statistics and reports. Such information is collected through the use of electronic images called pixel tags, “clear GIFs” or “web beacons”; these are placed in the web page code of some of the web pages a User may visit and they fulfil many purposes similar to those of cookies.

As a result, we may be able to improve the web traffic flow of the Site by using web beacons to monitor Users’ traffic patterns from and to the various pages of the Site. Such tools may also be used by our third party advertising service providers to determine how a User found the Site and to monitor a User’s behaviour while on the Site. To find out more about these tools and how to prevent such companies from using their personal data, Users may visit

False emails

Users should be aware that they may receive emails that appear to be sent by us or one of our Members and that request the User’s personal details (commonly log in information or payment card information) or that prompt a User to confirm or verify their personal information and/or account by clicking on a link. However, it is highly likely that such email was sent to them by someone—sometimes referred to as “phisher” or “spoofer”—with the unlawful intention to acquire the User’s personal information. It is vital that Users know that never asks its Users to share such information via email. Users are strongly advised not to share such information and not to click on any link contained in such an email. Any User receiving such email is asked to contact and alert our Customer Support as soon as possible.

Job applicants, Employees and Former Employees

If an individual uses the Site to submit their application to a potential or existing job vacancy with us, the information they provide may be used to process their application and track recruitment statistics. Any such information that we wish to disclose to a third party (for example, if we wish to take up a reference) will not be disclosed without first obtaining the applicant’s approval (unless such disclosure is required by law). Any personal data relating to unsuccessful applicants will be retained for a duration of twelve (12) months following the date at which the recruitment process was ended and shall be destroyed or deleted thereafter. However, anonymised statistical data about applicants is kept by to help inform our recruitment activities, although such anonymised data will no longer identify individuals.

Employee and recruitment data shall be kept in the United Kingdom (where is based) and/or in the Group’s international locations. compiles an employment-related file for any individual taking up employment with it. New employees shall receive more information regarding how holds employee details.

How can Users correct or update their information?

Users have access to all personal information processed by Members can access such information by using the Owner Login tab at the top of the screen, where they can view their basic details and correct or update them accordingly whenever they wish. gives its Users the opportunity to check for any inaccuracies in the personal information held about them and will apply any necessary amendments upon the User’s request. Upon request, Users may access, update or correct any information held about them by

Opting out of marketing communication from

Unless a User has opted out, may occasionally contact Users for marketing purposes via telephone or email. Users are free to opt-out of such marketing communication by: (a) contacting our team, (b) following the instructions contained in each newsletter or communication, (c) using the “unsubscribe” function, or (d) addressing the request to us directly at, 25 Seaton Close, London, SW15 3TJ, United Kingdom. However, please be aware that such amendment to your preferences may take a little time to become effective.

How long does keep personal data?

A User’s personal data will be kept by for as long as is necessary for the purposes acknowledged and agreed by the User under our Terms and this Privacy Policy or otherwise as prescribed by applicable laws, and will then be destroyed or deleted.

How to contact

Any User wishing to contact with any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of the Site or their dealings with the Site is encouraged to contact our team via the Contact Us page on the Site.